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ReEntry Delaware Celebrity Classic

Get ready Wilmington for an all-day golfing event
on July 1st 2024, at DuPont Country Club ““ Championship Course ““ Wilmington, DE, with their all-new training / practice facility.

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2024 ReEntry Delaware Celebrity Classic ‘Save the date video’

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We raise funds and awareness to support programs that assist veterans, including veterans and others who were formerly incarcerated with education, employment, career development and housing.
We are committed to empower and support those veterans who served our country and those returning citizens who have paid their debt to society.

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Veterans transitioning to civilian life

We will provide monetary support from fundraising events to non-profit organizations that have made a significant impact on improving the lives of our veterans.

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Support for the formerly incarcerated

We provide funding to non-profit organizations that help those who were formerly incarcerated and have paid their debt to society integrate successfully back into their families, homes and communities.

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Our Goal

We want to ensure that all veterans have honest and equal opportunities to make the transition.

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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization established with the mission of helping veterans who are trying to adjust back into society and want to have equal opportunities.

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About Our Cause?

Read our latest news about our upcoming events on our website.

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Join us for our 2024 ReEntry Job Fair/ Exposition at the fabulous state of the art DuPont Country Club (date TBD). Funds raised will support Delaware non-profits who offer many programs for our veterans and those citizens who have paid their deft to society. Join us for a day of career development and networking with many businesses looking to hire on the spot.  See our website event schedule for additional information on how you can support and participate in a great cause to get our veterans and returning citizens a job.

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A strong military is created with team work and ‘ Thank You’ simply is not enough. Let’s continue to support the transiton to civilian life

Join us for our annual ReEntry Delaware Celebrity Classic on July 1st, 2024 at the fabulous state of the art DuPont Country Club. Funds raised will support Delaware non-profits who offer many programs for our veterans and those citizens who have paid their deft to society. Join us for a day of golf, fellowship, and awards. Click on the Registration link for additional information on how you can support and volunteer for a great cause.

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Transitioning from a military career and ReEntry culture to a civilian one means you must be able to clearly and consistently communicate your value to potential employers, investors, networking contacts, and colleagues. In many cases, success is based on trust, integrity, and the commitment to your potential employer, career, family, and community. There are many programs that provide training, medical assistance, jobs, and opportunities for our military and those who have been formerly incarcerated.
However, the transition can be filled with fears and anxiety. However, to find your path to success you must be able to clearly identify your values and goals to make an impact. Your future must be driven by purpose.

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We are a nonprofit organization and therefore, always appreciate any help that comes our way. Whether you want to help us by volunteering at our events or help up by donations, don’t hesitate to do so and join us whenever you can.

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