Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an effective network of partnerships with veterans, re-entry reform organizations, state and local government agencies, as well as non-profits that will provide resources to assist the veterans, including veterans and others who were formerly incarcerated with education, employment, career development and housing.

Our Vision

ReEntry Delaware will be a leading contributor to improving the lives of veterans and reducing the recidivisim rate of formerly incarcerated veterans and other returning citizens.

About Us

ReEntry Delaware is a nonprofit organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. Our organization was formed to work as an umbrella organization, working with other nonprofit organizations that are working on reestablishing veterans and to help them build careers in Delaware and adjust back as healthy and contributing members of society. We believe that all veterans deserves a second chance at a normal life.

“Veterans seem to be falling through the cracks and ending up in prison or in jail.”

According to the new Veterans Justice Commission’s (https://counciloncj.org/vjc-preliminary-assessment/) initial assessment report, the most recent national data from 2016 shows veterans made up 8 percent of the state prison population and 5 percent in federal prisons.

Additionally, 69 percent of incarcerated veterans currently serve time for violent crimes, compared to 57 percent of non-veterans, with some twice as many veterans as non-veterans in prison serving life sentences.

In total, the commission found 181,500 veterans in American prisons and jails, according to the last comprehensive count.

Why Choose Us

The same stands true for military veterans who go to war for their country, serve in the best way possible and when they are back into the civilian world, they aren’t given the same level of opportunities as others. There may be a number of reasons for that, but the biggest one is a lack of resources and funding for these veterans and others trying to transition back into society. This is where we step in. Our main aim and goal are to generate funds for such people and connect them to the right organizations who are working to support these members of society with home incarceration program. To do so, we organize events to generate support and raise funds.

Support ReEntry Delaware

The nature of our organization is entirely non-profit and focused on only giving back we do; however, we encourage as many people to help us and get involved with us as possible.


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