It can be challenging to transition from being a full-time military person to becoming a civilian. Even the strongest and most level headed people can get intimidated by the task, but with a few tips from us, you might be able to do it with a little bit of ease.

  1. Go and Attend a Transition Assistance Program workshop

The Transition Assistance Program workshop was created so that the armed forces member who can get employment and training information within the 180 days of separation or retirement. They offer a three-day workshop that is designed to help all ex-military job seekers and cover topics such as Career Exploration, Job Search Strategies, and help with preparation with Resume, cover letters, and interviews.

  1. Come up with transferrable skills
    How can you describe the experiences from your service and fit it into a corporate role? For example, if you had trained over 250 people on a fighting vehicle, think about how your training preparation, delivery, and the results could be applied in a corporate classroom setting. Or if you had helped the Navy save a couple of million dollars by administering the government travel accounts, think about how this experience can be applied to a financial controller position.
  2. Find employers that are military friendly
    A lot of the times, employers appreciate the honestly and discipline that ex-military personnel bring into a civilian job. It’s also likely that you might find more co-workers like yourself who had served in the army, and they can help you ease into the work environment and understand the corporate setting more effectively.
  3. Connect with the recruiters who focus on the military to civilian transitions
    There are a lot of recruiters and headhunters who work specifically with ex-military personnel and help them transition from military services into civilian careers. They focus on matching those with junior roles in the services with technical and sales purposes. At the same time, the senior personnel usually get business development roles all depending on varying on the person’s interest and skills.

These few tips are bound to help you a great deal if you are ex-military personnel and are currently looking for jobs in the private or civilian world. A little bit of hard work and grit can take you a long way transitions can be difficult, but they aren’t impossible.

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